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injection question

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I know a good rub goes on hours before to get into the meat. What about injections? Do you do injections just prior to smoking so as to keep as much liquid in as possible... OR.... do you do inject hours before so it will get into the meat like you do a rub? Opinions welcome!


BTW... you guys have given me SUCH great advice so far... you don't even know how much you have helped this newbie dive into the glorious world of smoking meats! Thanks good people!

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I don't inject, and I rub just prior to going on the smoker.



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What are you injecting?

The only thing I inject regularly is chicken wings, and I like to do that 4-8 hours befor cooking them.

I also inject pork when curing for ham and bacon ,the times for those depends on the thickness of the meat and then me needed to cure.
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If I inject, I normally do it the night before. BUT I think it is more about which meat I inject. I have injected fowl for more years than I care to admit too. But I am just now trying beef and pork. Fowl nearly always involves a butter fluid transfer where are pork and beef usually use a fruit juice or broth.


That said I see no reason for doing it ahead in fowl besides the comfort of having already done the day of smoking. Why? Most injections involve butter as the fluid carrier. If you use butter the night before it chills and clots and doesn't move.


The pork or beef is completely different, the juice or broth does not congeal, thereby allowing the juices to migrate through the meats muscle fibers carrying the flavors you are adding with it.. 


I also always massage the meat when injecting to prevent squirts or leakage, while being careful to use very small amounts injected in one place at a time to prevent pooling. Pooling is not good.

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I inject the day before. I want the flavor throughout and no streaks. I try to Rub the day before also, especially Ribs. The salt acts as a dry brine and helps tenderize and flavor the meat. The effect is less noticeable in large cuts and often just rub shortly before the meat hits the smoker...JJ

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