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Hello from New England!

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Hey everyone,


I have been trolling this forum for a few years now, and I decided it was time to join.


I got into smoking about 5 years ago when my girlfriend bought me a Weber Smoky Mountain. Before that I had been "smoking" in my Weber grill, and before that it involved an electric oven and a bottle of liquid smoke (those were truly my noob days). Before that I watched my mother and father cook the snot out of our dinner on their propane grill at 875 degrees. Needless to say, I've matured a bit as a "grillmaster".


My father loves when I do BBQ, but will never give up his propane, just like his Bd Light (I'm also a home brewer and a craft beer guy). My mother still has no idea how I can "cook chicken that long and still have it be so moist and delicious". Mom, it's because I don't use thermonuclear fusion to cook my meats...


Anyways, that's the brief history of my experience. Still admittedly a rookie, though I do have my equipment mastered, and a few house sauce and rub recipes. I do a TON of grilling, but smoking is something I wish I had the opportunity to do more of. We have a few big family parties every year, and that's when I cram the smoker full. My buddy also caters an event for a local historical society every year, and that weekend the smoker goes through a couple full loads of chicken, for an oustanding smoked chicken curry salad we put in finger rolls (I say he caters, but it's in my smoker, then in my kitchen, with my stuff... he means well though!). For the fall family "Harvest Party" I always do a brisket and pulled pork, for sandwiches. We just had it a few weeks ago and it was nice to hear family - who have had my BBQ over the years - note on how much it has improved from "meh" to "wow this is fantastic". And they're not just blowing smoke, so to speak.


What made me finally decide to join a smoking forum you may ask? The Meatwagon...


I'm starting that build thread next... Update to follow!


Can't wait to join in on some excellent BBQ discussions, and to soak up some knowledge from all you pitmasters!

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Welcome aboard brother.  Looks like a nice start to your wagon.


Looking forward to progress pic's.

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Welcome from SC. Glad to have you on the site.
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Welcome to the forum from a fellow NE smoker. Have fun. Lots of good info around here.

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