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Hello from Escondido California!

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Hello from Escondido California!  My name is Steve and I am learning to smoke food.  I am a manufacturing engineer and am currently working for a biotech company helping them to automate production and lean out their manufacturing operation. I have a 30" electric MES and have been smoking food for a few months and now have experience smoking Tri-Tip steaks, bone-in pork chops, pork butts, pork picnic roasts, pork ribs, beef briskets, whole turkey, beans, meatloaf, mac & cheese and smoked cheese.  I really like to cook and also make several breads. Yesterday I ordered a new Cabela's gen 2.5 Black 40 with Bluetooth, no window.  I wanted a new larger smoker so ribs and briskets don't have to be cut down and now will dedicate the smaller MES 30 for fish. I've read a lot of your postings with great interest and have learned a lot. Since I am a tinkerer I can relate to all those here that continually improve their systems. Thanks for all the great posts!



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Welcome aboard Steve.  With your engineer training you should have no trouble personalizing your smoking rig.


Sounds like your accumulating smoking experience quickly.  Feel free to post up some pictures and explanations of your smoke projects.  Beyond all reason;  We are nuts about discussion and pictures of smoked chow.  Doesn't matter if it's the hundredth time we've discussed a particular project.



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These are two meatloafs smoked last weekend in an MES 30 on a combo of hickory, maple and cherry...of course I'm having a big meatloaf sandwich for lunch today...:) 




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Great looking meatloaves Steve and everybody knows leftover meatloaf sandwiches rule!

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