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the name says it all

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Hi I am outdoorplay in the forum world but my name is Michael Dickerson and I am avid outdoorsmen, making my living in the outdoors.

I came across your forum way looking for a outdoor BQQ/Smoker that I want to build my self. 


I guide for Elk and Deer in Co, but I live in SoCal and when I'm not in hunting in  Co, I have a 28" ocean boat for deep sea fishing that I Charter out mostly for White Sea bass, Halibut, Tuna fishing. 


I have not bought meat from a store in 15 years, so in my house its all wild game that I process myself or we do with out,

I put in a 600 square foot garden in the back yard a few years ago, so we really don't buy to much from the store these days. 


I love making jerky but I also love BQQing so looking to build a combo smoker/BQQ


Look forward to reading about your bqq's and if I can be of some help in the outdoors, advice is free and I write some good how to's for beginners, on you can not spend a dime there its just for new outdoorsmen to educate them self's on hunting and fishing there is nothing for a person to buy on this site its just information on understanding the animals and fish that I hunt   

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Welcome aboard Michael.  Sounds like you've got a mighty interesting lifestyle going on.  


In case you aren't aware of it,  there is a "smoker builds" section on the site.  Here's a link for you.  (Enjoy your stay).

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Thanks going to look it up now

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