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PID Thermalcoupler placement

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Where is it recommended to placethe thermalcoupler (for the PID) and temp prob (maverick733) in an electric smoker??

2/3rd of the way up?
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For pit temp, I like to keep the thermocouple at grate level, or close to it.


When I'm cooking on 2 separate levels, I put the probe in between the racks for an idea of temp.


Keep in mind, if the probe for pit temp is too close to the meat, It'll give a false reading due to the cooler temp of the meat.

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I just got a cheap PID with K type TC and a 40amp SSR off ebay. Is it recommended to get an ungrounded k type OMEGA TC for it?

Like one of these:
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The TC that you're link goes to is made to be mounted permanently in the side of the smoker body.  If you go with that type, I'd place it at the height you plan to smoke most often.  Personally, I wouldn't go with a perm mount TC, I'd use one that I could move around a bit.


Look at the specs on the PID, most can use K,or J type TCs.  If that's the case, you have a LOT of options.


Also, with the SSR, you'll need to make sure you have a cooling fin for it.  They cycle quite a bit and get very hot at times.  


When you get a few minutes, go to your profile and fill out your info, that will help some of us point you to locations and such in the future.

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$38.00 is too much money for a thermocouple.


I bought this one it works nicely for less than $4.00 shipped free.


I grounded mine but I am a fanatic for grounding everything.




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A grounded thermocouple means that the tip of the thermocouple wire is physically attached to the interior of the outer sheath.  That provides for a faster response time.


Also, not all PIDs, temperature displays, temperature controllers, etc., take all types of thermocouples.  Some don't even use a typical thermocouple, they use a thermistor, a Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) type probe.


I have 2 controllers that work with NTC devices, a couple that will only accept J type, and one that will accept type J or K.


So, make sure you know exactly what you need when buying thermocouples.


As for price, you get what you pay for.  Grounded types, with a stainless steel sheath, tend to be more expensive.  Ungrounded types are less expensive, but lack in response time.    Really inexpensive types, will probably take in moisture and need to be replaced on a regular basis.

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