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Hello Everyone!

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My name is Ben and I am 25.

I grew up in a small country town (in Kansas) and the family always smoked food, and honestly I loved it. I still love smoked food (along with many other types of food haha).

I graduated college around 6 months ago, got my "big boy" job if you will. Working in the IT field and going non stop has its ups and downs, but I like my relax time too.

Sometimes the big city can be too much from what I am used too.

So I got really excited when my wife's mom (she's a garage seller, and they take that seriously here lol) bought a 40 inch Grillmaster MES with a window in the front for $30!

Her husband said he was going to use it and never had so I said bring it on over, I will learn!

So I did some research, found this forum (which has some damn good advice) , ordered an A-MAZE-N pellet holder and snatched up the MES!

I'm really excited to do my first smoke ever!

Do you all have any recommendations on what to do for the first smoke?

My wife and I love food, a lot too say the least lol.

I was thinking pulled pork, cheesy potatoes (which are my favorite by far), smoked jalapeño poppers, and maybe a garden fresh salad.

I'll definitely get some pictures put up once we get going! I can't wait to learn.
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Welcome Ben.


I agree with the pork butt for pulled pork.  Pork butt is not too pricey, and is very forgiving.  A lot of folk here will suggest chicken as its cheap and, THEY say, pretty easy.  Personally, I've found my chickens make fairly good dog food--but that's just me LOL.  


There's lots of good advice on butts (use the search feature at top of all pages).  Just cook it low and slow--I aim at 225 to 250* on my MES 30.  Let it  go to an IT of 205* and it will pull easily.  Just be prepared for the stall at about 160*.  Nothing you can do but wait it out or foil the butt--that'll speed things along.


Good luck and don't forget the qview.



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