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Smoker Wrap

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I am looking to wrap my pitmaker vault and was wondering if anyone on here has done that to an insulated smoker and how did the vinyl hold up. When cooking at 275-300 I can hold my hand on the firebox for a little bit when it is in the shade. When in the sun it feels the same when you put your hand on a hot car in the summer. I figured since the wraps work on vehicles at those temps it might work on the smoker. What do you guys think? Also take a look at the the workup I had done below. I am a golf pro and happen to have a member that does graphic design work. I teach his son and he does this stuff for me on the side. The background is Augusta National Amen Corner for those of you who are golfers.



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I love the team name and that graphic looks great. The Car theory seems sound.  Check with the manufacturer. A quick search of Vinyl for cars and boats say handles 150 to 200°F but suggest contacting for specific needs...JJ

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