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pork loin experiment

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So, I've had my smoker for about a year now and come here on occasion to find new ideas, tips, or find new information. This site is awesome. I'm smoking on a master built electric and like the convenience of digital temp control and timer.

Earlier this week, my local grocery was selling whole pork loins, dirt cheap. For me, dirt cheap meat means a chance to experiment. I have not tried smoking whole pork loin before, but thought I'd give it a shot. These are straight up experimental and based on things I've seen and used with other meats and game.

I started out by hacking the loin into 2 large pieces and figured I'd try cooking 2 ways.

I gave them my standard grilling and smoking seasoning (salt pepper cumin thyme) and rubbed it in a bit. For the first piece, I coated with a thick slathering of honey mustard, some more seasoning, and set aside for about 30 minutes. I've seen something similar here and regularly use a mustard based sauce for chicken so i figured that would work.

For the second piece, I created an aluminum foil boat, cut a slit in the top, and packed it full of sauerkraut.

To top it off, I created a bacon weave ( let's face it, bacon makes everything better) and covered the loin with it.

I added some more seasoning and declared it good to go.

I loaded them up and set to 235.
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Pulled at 2.5 hours. Internal temp 140F. Resting now, while I make the sides.
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OK. The mustard slathered pork is good... It's dang good. Nice smoke, moist, tender. Tasty.

The sauerkraut pork though is unbelievable. It is supermoist, and the combination of smoke and kraut is outstanding. Not strong kraut-y, but you can taste it. And it improves the texture of the meat. If you like kraut at all, you've gotta try this. I'm pretty happy with this little experiment.

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Nice experiment.

I love kwart.
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Nice looking smokes there! Add some apple and onion and butter to your Kraut next time, super good!

POINTS for the creativity!
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Congratulations on a successful experiment. Points.



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I just ate a big kraut/bacon/loin leftover sammich for dinner. Either I was really hungry, or this stuff is even better reheated!
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fishingaddict i had a master built electric smoker like the one you got there.loved it, but hated cleaning it.the tenderloin looks great.


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