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I think I may keep that one green to be on the safe side. Plus it means I can smoke the others whole! Lol.
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My latest attempt at bacon has just come out of the smoker. My first using Nitrate in the cure rather than Salt Petre, thanks to Wade for his help and info regarding Nitrites.


I used the bacon calculator from here set to 3% salt 1.5% sugar


The one on the left is flavoured with black pepper, juniper and bay and the one on the right is flavoured with black pepper, bay and minced fresh rosemary and thyme (hence the slight green tinge)


Cured for 10 days, dried for 3 days and lightly smoked with applewood for 24 hours





First impressions are good, not too salty or sweet and the flavourings aren't overpowering.

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what ratio of salt & sugar did you use?

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Tomorrow is the big day. Going to smoke 2 of the joints and slice one and have bacon butties!
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3 words... oh my gawd.... never buying bacon ever again!
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Another convert to home dry cured bacon Thumbs Up. Do not waste any of it. Even the trimmings and off cuts are great as lardons.


A quick question from your photo... Are you slicing it across the muscle grain or with the grain?

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Across the grain. Have taken quite a bit of fat off the first lot. Going to render it down for roast spuds on Christmas day. The trimming already julienne for scrambled egg or pasta.
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Oh wait that's not my photo...
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Another convert! Good looking Bacon👍
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Excellent, another convert. For some reason Morrit your photo won't display.


I have got one in the smoker which should be ready tomorrow evening, and is cold smoking with Apple & Hickory.

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Fantastic reading... thank you all!!

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