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More Salmon? Really?

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Sorry, just can't help myself. Was running out of smoked filets and promised the skipper of our favorite party boat I'd jerkyize a Salmon for him.

Filet's being brined in my basic brine of 4/1 ratio of dark brown sugar over salt

Next 3 pics showing the filets after being smoked, cooling down. They were lightly glazed with honey and sprinkled with coarse pepper half way through the smoke.



Next day being vacuum sealed

Next day doing some Salmon Jerky. Here they are after 3 hours of brining, air drying for a couple hours.

The Big Chief brotha's doing their magic

Finished product. Will package up tonight and feed a party boat tomorrow.


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Yum, yum,.....yum   I'd pick this over any other jerky out there. Thanks for the awesome (and inspiring) post.



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Dang it man that looks good. - nice job!!! great color :points:


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Salmon is the next protein that I want to smoke. Any preference to which wood to use?
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Nice Smoke Craig! Lousy salmon season in the ocean up here this year. Fall River fishing has been good though. Wish I could get out to catch a few!
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