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Need help with my firebox.

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Hey guys, I am building a new offset smoker and I need help figuring out my opening between firebox and chamber. My smoker is 20" by 52" with a 20 by 20 firebox. I having a local welding shop cut the circles for me and am having a hard time getting it right. Feldons recommends 50 sq inches. Thanks guys.
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I recently completed a 20" with a 48" CC and a 48" vertical. I used feldons calc and everything works perfect first time out. Heat and smoke flow couldn't be better.
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Good deal! I was just a little worried about my math and how to get it right the first time. Just a little nervous. Lots of thick metal and money and time invested to do something dumb.
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Is your FB going square or round?
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Here's a tutorial that will help you figure it out... better than Feldons ...
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Sorry for the lateness of my response I got it figured out my firebox is round so I had to figure out the square inches of a football shape. Got a local shop to cut them using a cad program so they were perfect!! Here is my progress so far. Thanks for the help!!
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Another question that I posted in a different thread was my cooker is made of 3/8 thick pipe. Of people who have a cooker this thick is it a pain to heat up?
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I build them with 1/4" thick steel and they heat up quick. Then I adjust the dampers to restrict the airflow and let it cool down to my cooking temp. The best way I have found to keep the cc at a even temperature from end to end is to bring the intake in above the cooking grate with a deflector installed and the chimney outtake just below the cooking grate.
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That sounds like a Jambo design. I thought a lot about doing it that style but settled on the more traditional way to build any offset smoker and add tuning plates. I like your explanation on heating the pit up that sounds like it would work. My last smoker was a C.O.S . That I modified with a convection plate. It worked good just fell apart on me. Good info! Thanks.
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I'm gonna use this same thread because I have another firebox question. I am at the point where my end firebox door is ready to be finished and then I can fire my new smoker up. Can anyone show me a design to kind of get me started? I have a couple in mind for my 20" round box. But could use some suggestions for what really works. Thanks!
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Great pictures thanks. I have a couple of questions. Since the door is separate from the air inlet do you have issues cleaning ash out of the bottom during or after cooks? Is the door double thick that's how you did the flange? My door is 3/8 like the rest of my cooker so I was thinking of welding flat stock for the door flange any thoughts?
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I just rake the ash out of the air inlet under the door. Yes the door is dbl thick I plug welded the cut out to another piece 1/4" that is 1" larger than the opening all the way around. I like the look and having a extra thick door to keep it from warping any at all from the heat.
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Right on! Good idea on the double layer door. I am still undecided on how to accomplish this part but it's about time to crap or get off the pot. Good food for thought on this one. Ken
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