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Help-meat storage

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Will smoked meat last longer in the fridge than regularly cooked meat? My wife won't keep anything grilled, cooked or smoked over 2-3 days. My opinion is that smoked meat should last longer, i.e. country ham, bacon, jerky, etc.

Thanks in advance. I have 2 reverse seared NY Strips in the fridge that were done last Saturday, 9/19. Joe
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Smoked meats will not last longer, unless they are cured, the meats you mentioned are cured, except jerky which is preserved through dehydration. Ribs, brisket etc. gets the same treatment as other foods. I had a friend in the restaurant business tell he was allowed to keep cooked items in the fridge for 5 days (including the day it was cooked)
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Hate to say it, but I wouldn't eat those steaks you cooked a week ago
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Just my opinion Joe, but I wouldn't risk it after a week... My personal cutoff with meat is 5 days & if it's not eaten, which is rare since we're a bunch of carnivores round here, it gets tossed or the dog gets a nicer than usual dinner ! As stated above, if it's cured meat you'd be good to go !
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I've never had food poisoning from stuff that has gone bad in the refer..... BUT... folks that have had it say, "They started throwing out foods that were stored 2 days, just to be sure they don't get it again"....
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Thanks everyone. The steaks are history. I learned the difference between smoked and cured today. I knew I could count on the good folks here to give me good advice. Joe
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