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Need some feedback.

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Greetings Everyone!


  I am invited to a Fall Beer Tasting that has one rule. We can only bring  finger food .

I was thinking of marinating bone less, skin less chicken thighs in a cream sherry marinade

to cook on the grill.After grilling ,I would cut the thigh meat into bite size pieces and place a

toothpick in each piece for easy serving.

  Dose this sound too boring by it's self? Do I may be add some cheese and crackers?

 Any input would be greatly appreciated.


                                                                                      Smokin Sid                                                                               

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Greetings Everyone!



  The coolest thing happened yesterday.A friend and neighbor stopped by and gave me a box full of wonderful cook books, recipe cards and cut out recipes from newspapers that she has collected over the years. I took a sneak peak at some of the recipes and I found one I might

try for my friends Beer Tasting.


   I guess it go's to show us all , when you ask a question. You never know where the answer

you are seeking, is going to come from. Life is Good!


                                                                                   Happy Smokin ALL!


                                                                                          Smokin Sid

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The chicken bites with a dipping sauce on the side sounds pretty good

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These would WOW the Crowd. SQWIB usually goes beyond. Check this... ... for other ideas...JJ

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This sounds pretty tasty!

The marinade is a cream sherry base with a nice chunk of fresh ground ginger in it along with some

other fresh herbs.


                                          Smokin Sid

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Thank you Chef Jimmy J


  I will check those out for sure.




                                                            Smokin Sid

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how did everything turn out?

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Greetings Zoe!



    My husband has decided to bring the Texas Meatballs he loves to make.So I thought I would do

a non-meat munchie. I decided to do a good old classic from Pampered Chef.
 "Cool Veggie Pizza".

    The host of this beer tasting has a dietary restriction on animal protein since his surgery and he is a friend who is near and dear to my heart.

      I appreciate all the input from everyone. I still plan on smokin some chicken thighs

I will let you know how the beer tasting went after Halloween.


                                                                                                Smokin Sid        

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sounds yummy

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