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My uds is finally moving along!
Not done yet, but maybe tomorrow!

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Good for you ! icon14.gif Lookin forward to seeing the rest of your build !
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Got a start.
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Thanks guys! For as little got done, it sure took forever lol. I don't think I'm gonna paint it. I kinda like the"ugly"!
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Just remember where the paint is missing it will start to rust if its out in the weather.
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I oiled up in and outside, I'd like to clear coat it somehow. I oiled it outside so the rust wouldn't get it .I realize that's not a permanent solution but hopefully I can get some clear coat?
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Not sure about the clear coat. I know they make high temp paint and high temp wood stove paint that you can use.
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Oh well, I guess I gotta paint.......
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Look what hubby and I made last night:

Also, a question: I bought rtv last night to seal up leaks. You would only use that on the outside right?
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