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rf plate

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okay next question on planning out my smoker build- I'm thinking about just using two halves on my plate, sloping from right to left for my drain. 1/4", butt welded, so the two pieces will be wider on the left end (but drain toward the middle) than the right end, so when in place create a gradual slope inward and toward the left.

I may not be explaining it good enough- I'm no engineer for sure, but I know I've seen a picture on here somewhere that someone has done this, and maybe could post it again or link me to it?

I didn't want to do the angle iron the middle, maybe someone could tell be why the angle iron is a better idea I may change my mind.

The plate overall will be approximately 46" wide by 23"


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If the RF plate is not symmetrical, it could divert the heat to one side or the other....

The link below will get you a great smoker if you follow it....
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My plates are equal size with the angle iron in the middle. They


slopes 1/4 - 3/8 but I can level it out very easy with my trailer wheel.

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