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Just When You Think !

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Just when you think you have got it down you get humbled ! Made Jeffs Honey BBQ Wings the flavor was great problem was they were rubber . Instead of finishing them under the Broiler I left them in the smoker an extra Hour  , Don't know what went wrong ????

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If the pit temps are low, that extra hr isn't going to help with crispy skin. Need high heat like your broiler.
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Yea your right , Going to do 6lbs this weekend for the Cardinals game , so I will do an hr in the smoker and finish them on the gas grill that should get them crispy. We are still flirting with temps in the 100 s and I hate to heat the house up >

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  Should work but just for experience maybe try some on the grill first so you can compare the two..!!


   I hate rubber chicken so I used the deep fryer last weekend..sorry but they were darn crispy and tasty..!!

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Deep fryers a guarantee but I think this will be fine ! I do drunken wings (Rum , Honey  , Stir Fry...ETC .. )  on the grill , I just really like to add some Smoke . I will give an update over the weekend !!!

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Best I've made were smoked for 45 mins, then deep fried.
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