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Stupid question...

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See lots of RF smokers with a shelf on the front of them. Was planning on building one for mine....have the expanded metal and the angle iron all cut. Wife came home and came out to the garage to see if I was still breathing, I pulled the grate out to show her what I had gotten done today and it dawned on me with the grate pulled out the shelf would be covered.


I need a shelf....thinking I may build one on the "cold" end of the cook chamber....somehow....

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I very rarely pull my bottom grate out except when I'm cleaning it. If I really need to pull it out, I don't have anything on my outside shelf but a pair of tongs, a pair of gloves and my Maverick therm. No problem to move those few things. I usually have a small folding table beside the smoker. You can see the smoker if you blow up my avatar.

Good luck, Joe
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