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Drum source in Baton Rouge

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Looking for a drum source in Baton Rouge, LA for a UDS.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Contractors Salvage and Drum on Airline Hwy.  They only have 55 gallon lined and they are 44 bucks.

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Have you tried craiglist? A guy in Port Allen had some a couple of weeks ago for $15 each.
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White Elephant in Mandeville had a bunch recently for 15 a peice. They are lined and were used for spray foam insulation so extensive cleaning is needed
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The Craigslist ad in Port Allen was a bust, at least for me. I texted, and called twice with no response. I ended up on a good deal for 4 barrels, not lined, and may be willing to make a deal on one of them. They have a little surface rust around the bottom ring but otherwise they are good to go. If you are in BR and interested hit me with a PM. I won't have them forever, especially after my brother-in-laws see how mine cooks. LOL



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Glad you found some drums, even better that they are unlined. I preciate the offer, but I have three smokers. Building a forth would probably entail two lawyers and me losing half my earthly possessions. The wife would be like hit.gif
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