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Iagree4 that your temp is to high it is going to make your cheese gritty or it will start to melt  down and I am using apple wood its a little milder use the old stand by trial and error  its the old saying make it and they will come but try and keep it at 70 to 80 degrees

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Hi smokers,
I recently learned that while smoking cheese in my masterbuilt,at 200degrees to place a tray of ice beneath the pan holding the cheese.and check until you get the color you want .
Next let the cheese sit in the fridge for one week.this will get the tarry bitter taste well for me.
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Whoops I meant 75 degrees wow
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Trying my first go at cold smoking cheese. Kamado is at 54f. Hoping I can wait the next two weeks before I try it!
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I am in the process of designing a cold smoker for the cold   smoking of chesses and  butter I am using my old little chief  smoker so time will tell

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using Wade as my mentor

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Hi Dirtsailor,

Have you tried Brie? Or any kind of blue cheeses?

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Originally Posted by Geoffchef View Post

Hi Dirtsailor,
Have you tried Brie? Or any kind of blue cheeses?

Yes both are tasty.
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Brie smokes well but you do need to prick the outer skin with a toothpick in several places before smoking to allow the smoke to penetrate.

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Blue cheese I have not found smokes particularly well as the smoke flavour tends to compete with the stronger flavour of the cheese. Some on here like it but I think it may be a case of try it yourself and see if it suits your pallet.

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Thanks Wade. Great tip about pricking the rind - never would have thought of that.

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Thanks Dirtsailor and Wade for the good advice. Dec.7 I filled the Bradley up with 2 year old cheddar, jalapeno jack, 5 year old cheddar, a couple of wheels of brie and one small log of goat cheese. Gave them 2 1/2 hours of apple wood. Gifted a bunch of the 2 year old for Christmas - to rave reviews. So much better than the store bought smoked cheddar! My wife devoured most of the goat cheese at a sitting.


We're having a heat wave here in Manitoba, up to -5 C today (23 F) so I'm doing baby backs and ABTs for the family visiting from Montreal.

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Wade, please see above. And thank you.

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