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Labor Day Chuckie

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Well, I'm going to try to finish my weekend trifecta with my first attempt at a Chuck Roast. After seeing so many versions I think I see the basics. That is pretty much anything goes :)
I marinated a 2 1\2 lb piece in Lea & Perrins Bold overnight, then sprinkled it with Lysanders, injected with Tony's herb & garlic and stuck some garlic cloves in. It went with Alder wood at 11am at 250.
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Looks awesome.  Chuck roast is one of my all time favorites for the smoker.  I got a couple in the smoker right now!  


For mine, I don't marinate.  I apply Head Country rub the night before.  I really like Head Country on chuck roast - but any rub is good.  Just about anything you can think of will taste great.  


I put the chuck into a disposable pan like you have (or a regular one wrapped on the outside with foil) and smoke for about 6 hours at about 250.  My smokers running hot right today - about 275 . .but that's going to be just fine.  I don't check temperature with chuck . .I look for it to wobble almost like jello when I poke it  .then it's done.    


When the chuckies come out, there will be a lot of juice/liquid in the pan.  I'll wrap the chuckies and place them in a cooler and set this juice aside.  When the juice cools enough, I'll de-fat it with one of those "pour from the bottom" measuring cups.  When it's time to serve - I'll pull the beef and pour in about 1/4 cup of my de-fatted juice and about 1/4 cup of bbq sauce (using Head Country today).  I eyeball these amounts . .you want enough to coat the meat a bit but you don't want it pooling at the bottom of the pan . .just add a little at a time to get the right amount.  


Then I serve as sandwiches with traditional Texas trimmings - sliced onion, bbq pickles and sliced jalapenos.    


As you've noticed - chuck seems to come out great no matter what you do.  In Texas, the land of brisket, I am the only one of my friends to does chuck but my chuck always gets eaten up . . .can't say the same for a lot of those briskets, lol.  Unless it's from somewhere really special, I'll take chuck over chopped brisket any day of the week.


Another reason I love doing chuck roasts it's ability to freeze and reheat well. I always make a ton for the freezer.  I put it in vacuum sealer bags.  When it's time to reheat, I just pop the bag straight from the freezer into warm water to reheat.  I fill my cooler up with 150 degree water and let it set for an hour or 2.  Perfect every time!

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Just pulled mine out about a half hour ago, Alamo. Foiled it at 150 and let it go to 190. Seems like it went fast, but it was only 2 1\3 lbs and its 97 degrees in Indianapolis (I don't care what the weather channel says, I'm looking at a thermometer on my patio in the shade). Wrapped in a towel to let it sit while the potatoes cook. I was a little worried about it being dry, but the way juice was oozing from the hole from the thermo probe I don' t think that will be an issue.
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SWMBO wants it sliced, but that's fine with me.I can make sandwiches either way. Never had bbq pickles but I'm curious...
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Nice Chuckie!  It sounds delicious, will have to put it on my rotation.



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Just unwrapped it. happy happy.
As soon as the twice baked 'taters are done I'll send a "plate" pic.
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Time to get "belly up". Thanks to everyone for ideas. I'll be doing " Chuckies" again for sure...
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Appreciate the attention, Alamo & Mike. I'm new to this "posting" stuff and I wondered if it was being seen and I was doing it right. Have a wonderful evening!
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Not sure why everything posted twice...
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Hey man!  That's a nice plate!  I didn't see any double posts.  Great job with the pics and the cook.  



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Looks great nice job 


A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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