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Had to be the transition to the whiskey that helped the most... :icon_mrgreen:

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Wow. Whole family is very happy. Hickory chips at around 200 for first two hours and then increased temp to 230 for last 45 min - worked really well. Next up for next weekend is shrimp and chicken! Yeah. I start with whiskey this time.
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Smoked Brats and cool brew...... no work, does it get any better? I would normally at this point mention a sexy hot woman's name, but not knowing your age, I would definitely show mine.....LOL

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You know what they say.... Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker !
I don't use water in the pan. My MES locks up like a bank vault, so moisture is not a problem.
For simplicity sake, I cover my water pan and drip pan with foil. Keep the pan in the smoker, as it works as a heat diffuser. Easy clean up. For smoking sausages, I put wood dowels in the top row of rack holders and hang the sausage. No racks to clean !
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Make sure and say a little prayer before you start. I tried an exorcism..... didn't work. Voodoo priestess turned and walked away, she was scared.....

Nuk Nuk Nuk!

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