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At the Movies

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So I'm a big fan of posting great video's on food, cooking and BBQ Products and so just to keep things organized and from getting everywhere I thought I would create for this group a place for all video postings. Granted video's are welcome in other subjects but this will be the primary place for them in the group. 





  1.  Keep the videos clean and free of offensive material.
  2.  Sharing of YouTube's are welcome and encouraged.
  3.  Subject matter can't be random and must be BBQ or Cooking related.
  4.  Product reviews or spotlights are welcome as we all love new things.
  5.  It's all in good fun, Please keep it that way.
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So this is a Product that's on my Christmas list. It also has several options to add on for adding smoke to the cooking chamber as well.



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This is one of the more simpler smoking items for it.

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I posted this in the recipe corner but It's yummy it needs to be repeated !! :popcorn

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