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Building a new smoker

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Hi I am from NE Iowa and have been using a Bradley highly modified smoker and now want something bigger so I am in the process of building a pellet smoker using a pellet daddy pro pellet hopper and got an old fridge to build from
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Welcome. We like to see smoker build on SMF. So please fill free to post pics of your build. I to want to build a frig smoker
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texas.gif  Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a nice day in East Texas, and the best site on the web. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.



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Im doing a upright freezer myself. Not pellets though. Using propane and wet log. And also using it to cold smoke. Trying to get it done by next week end will shoot you some pics. Now did you leave your interior or do full gut? I got kinda luck my interior was metal so I just stripped paint off. And left insulation and all intact.
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Is the pellet system all electric? Reason I ask is I never used electric and another person told me you dont get a smoke ring and hard to get a good bark not sure. But he said electric is more for convenience .
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It is hard to get a smoke ring on electric but it's just for looks anyway. As far as the bark goes I get a good bark in my MES 30.
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Well, I stand corrected. I WASNT SURE JUST WHAT I WAS TOLD. Never used one and Im sure there are variances in all to some degree.
So just curious. About how they work. I do not agree with smoke ring though a meat of any spieces develops a smoke ring based on penetration of smoke or juices cooked into the meat. If your not getting this penetration the flavor is exterior only. A proven fact is that you can take a meat with a smoke ring and check the Ph and alkalinity levels of ring they will be different from one with no ring in same area. Which means flavor and carbon are in ring. So I have to disagree.
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hmmmm could be I just know my MES electric wil not produce a smoke ring and I have flaver all throu the meat. But I'm not saying you are not right you very well could be.
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Maybe bearcarver or someone who knows more then me will weigh in on this in a little bit now I'm woundering if I'm not doing something wrong
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Now like I said I never used an electric unit. Does the unit use a circulation fan? Or does it just smoke and heat like an oven.
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Or maybe to high of humidity? Because moisture against moisture wont penetrate im for sure on that.
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No fan I dont use a water pan as all the moister it needs it is a very tight seal. And I think it have something to do with it being electric that makes it not have a smoke ring. Something about the gasses from wood or gas is what makes the smoke ring electric does not put off Jess gasses. But really some one with more Nolage them me would have to explain it.
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WIll figure out sooner than latter. I have a scientist friend who I will ask tonight.
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Ok nitrogen and carbon dioxide cause smoke ring. The smoke ring will keep growing as long as temp stays below 170. The parts per million for the gas to react to meat in a electric unit is so small. That wont be recognizable. Now since wood ans charcoal are a fossil fuel the reaction to parts per millin are greater do to the wood and charcoal mixture. Which causes the smoke ring reaction before meat reaches 170 degrees
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Got it
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Yeah didn't mean t do that I hope he will post pics of his build and get us back on track. Would love to see it
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