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Making a little "Canadian Bacon/Ham"

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2 weeks and 2 days ago, I put 4 big chunks of pork loin into a tub of Pop's brine.  I used the brine just like he first listed it.  I usually add other stuff to it, but the wife and I wanted to see how it would be like this.  We also didn't trim any fat, again just to see how it goes.  I know it'll be edible, just not sure what the fat will or will not do for it.


She called me a little bit ago and told me to check my email.  It seems that she needed to put some stuff into the garage frig, so she took the loins out, soaked them in fresh water for 30 minutes, and now has them setting out to get a pelicle on them.  Yeah, I married a good one!


2 will be rolled in cracked black pepper, minced onion, and granulated garlic.  The other 2 will go on naked.


I'll smoke when I get home.  More pics later!



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I think this is going to be worth the wait!


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I did the same thing on Saturday. Two pieces in pepper and two in brown sugar. Pop's brine turns out a really good product. 

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110.gif I'm in


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popcorn.gif: Me too!
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CB, I'm in also !

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I have a whole loin curing now. Want to slice thin for lunchmeat.
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On the wait list :newkeyboard:

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Teaser shot time!

Got home around 4, had a great pellicle on the loin chunks, and hugged the bride for turning the fan to high!

Did a fry test and DAYUM, just like I wanted it to be, tasty as heck! As we had hoped, this was a bit more of a ham flavor than what I usually do for CB. Spot on flavor for use not only as a breakfast meat, but bean meat as well!

Got all the pieces netted up, and now hanging in the smoker at 115 degrees to dry a bit. Smoke starts in about 30 minutes, and I'll bump the temp to 225. I like to get the IT of CB to 145 ASAP for moisture purposes. Oh, gonna smoke with my Amazen pellet tube filled with apple pellets.

Finished pics later...

Oh, for the record, pepperoni sized netting is a B!TCH to put over full size pork loin! I was out of my regular netting I use for CB, and with my left hand not working well right now, it was a major challenge!
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I think I see smoke!

Cruising along....

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Done, for now... Gotta rest a few days before slicing....

Out of the smoker at 147 degrees internal.

Vac packed, while almost hot, so the smoke can meld for a few days prior to slicing. These critters will sit in the frig until at least Thursday, then I'll slice and vac pack in serving sizes.
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Looks great.
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For the record, I got got busy talking about next weeks project, with my bride, and totally FORGOT to coat 2 of these with pepper, garlic, and onion! th_crybaby2.gif

Maybe next time....
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Can't wait to see the final pic and read about how good the are!
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CB, Nice looking CB! :points:

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Looks Real Nice from my house, Buzz!!:drool:drool


Nice Job!!Thumbs Up-----------------:points:


Thumbs UpThumbs Up To the Missus!!



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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Looks Real Nice from my house, Buzz!!drool.gifdrool.gif

Nice Job!!icon14.gif

icon14.gificon14.gif  To the Missus!!


Thanks Bear! I married a great lady that loves the creations I make, but she hates the mess! biggrin.gif
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Nice post so far!! your keeping us hangin LOL 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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I plan to slice and pack tonight or tomorrow.  My hand is still giving me fits so it may take a while...

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