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help with smoker temp

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Hello Im new to smoking meat I built a smoke house I am having problems getting above 180. any ideas what I'm doing wrong

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First off that's a cool looking smokehouse. I'm no expert on smokehouses but I know a bit about woodstoves. How does that thing draft? It looks like there is no upward pitch from the firebox into the smokehouse. I've seen horizantal runs give woodstoves issues with draft. Did you build that from plans that have been used by others? Is your wood good and dry? Hard to see the size off the firebox but is it large enough to hot smoke? Have you tried using a heat gun to check the temp of the pipe right before it enters the house?
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One thing you could try is.... Remove the stack and plug the hole where it goes into the smokehouse... build a small fire in the firebox... I mean a SMALL fire... let the cracks in the board spacing be the exhaust... I'm assuming you did not line the smokehouse with anything to make it air tight.... Reducing the air flow should heat it nicely... You may have to reduce the air flow into the firebox with an air inlet damper to cut down on air flow to the fire, once the fire gets going....

Nice smokehouse... it should work well once you get the air flow thing figured out...

Usually smokers like yours are used to smoke flavor the meat and for high temps, the kitchen oven might be used to finish the cooking cycle... For cured meats like sausage etc, 180 degrees is more than enough to cook them...
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