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Little Help with a Chuck Please.

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Home alone for the weekend and as you know when the Wife is away time for Hubby to play ! So today I am smoking some Jerky , but tomorrow I am smoking a Chuck. Now I do a nice Brisket but for some reason the 2 times I have tried Chucks they have turned out dry and tough. currently the chuck is sitting in the fridge covered with rub , should I inject before smoking or what ????

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Smoke until IT of about 205, then wrap.
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You can smoke it open till it reaches 160 then pan it and add 1 can of dr pepper. Foil the pan and finish at 200 to 205. ... should be good and moist
I prefer inject for flavor. Salt and black pepper for rub

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Like any active Beef muscle, Brisket, Ribs, Heart, Tongue, Etc...Chuck has a lot of connective tissue that needs time to convert to gelatin, making the meat moist and tender. Given the time it should not be dry. Of course, thicker pieces stay more moist than thin cuts, so if it small, <2", I would suggest smoking a few hours and finishing in foil with a flavorful liquid. Those I have done are around 5 Lb and 4" thick, at 225-250°. They were great...JJ

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All good advice above but I have had some that had to go even higher IT in order to pull. Done when it's done kind of thing.
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My bad.... forgot to say 200 to 205 is for slicing
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Appreciate all the good advice , Thanks .

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A friend of mine did one and he injected it with beef broth at 165 IT, wrapped it in foil and got it up to 200 to 210. Then he wrapped it in a towel and put it in a cooler for 1.5 to 2 hours like a brisket and he said it basically fell apart when done.
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I used my secret Brisket injection Beer and BBQ sauce .

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Nice Call on the Dr.  Pepper Turned out Great Thanks for all the good advice , I Finally Smoked a Decent Chuck!!!

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