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24 inch offset smoker build

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I'm a newbie to smoking and bbq but I've become addicted I've always loved eating bbq but cooking it yourself just makes it so much better. I've also become very interested in competition BBQ and want to give it a shot. So I bought a cheapo Brinkman offset and it works OK, but with my background in sheet metal I decided to go all in and build my own. It's 24" diameter by 40" wide with a 19x19x19 firebox that will have two inch insulation on the top bottom and sides, I sheared and rolled a sheet of 3/16, and had some end caps burnt out welded solid inside and out and then I cut out the door with a plasma cutter. I'm still wrestling with the ideas of tuning plates or a reverse flow I've read good things about both. I'll try to keep posting pics as the build progresses. So feel free to leave comments criticism or anything this seems like a great place to get advice and knowledge.

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Nice workmanship... did you use this tutorial for your measurements... http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/172425/standard-reverse-flow-smoker-calculator-by-daveomak-and-others-ready-to-use-rev5-6-19-15#post_1264161
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Thanks you! And I used feldons calculator but wow there is allot of information in that link thanks for sharing!
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Feldon's has some inherent problem when building a Reverse Flow smoker.... use the tutorial.... it has the bugs worked out of Feldon's by members on this forum.... It appears you are still at a point in your build to make the adjustments....

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Thank you I really appreciate it and yea I'm at that point were i can definitely make adjustments there's allot of ideas Goin through my head I just have to research a little more and figure out what is plausible and not lol
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looking good so far... at this point all I can offer is.... when posting pics, just choose small or medium on the size... the full size pics take forever to load... we can click on the smaller pics to enlarge if one chooses...
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Thanks lol and yea I'm trying to get used to using photobucket thanks for the tip
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Great start to your project man, keep it up.

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Just got two three inch river country thermometers, next week I'm gonna be cutting angles for my grates and also five inch pipe for my stack so hopefully I'll have some more pics up next week
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While pictures are great... may I suggest when you upload them to just pick small or medium for the size of the pictures.... If one needs to see them full size they can click on the picture to enlarge it.... the reason I'm suggesting this is,,, It takes a month of Sundays for the LARGE pictures to load when one clicks on your thread... I for one do not sit and wait for them to load fully resulting in me just clicking out of the thread without reading... just a suggestion ....
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oops.. after posting and the full thread finally loaded.. I went back and read it and noticed I already suggested this... sorry for double posting...
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Yea I realized I accidentally clicked the wrong size still trying to get the hang of this photobucket stuff I have the app but it's not letting me to get to the links so I have to go online but I can't find the medium setting
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ive been really busy at work but I got some more done on the smoker heres some pictures this week I should be insulating the firebox and getting the door all ready I also fixed all the images so they're smaller :) 

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This really looks great. I wish I had the skills to try a build. You mentioned RF or tuning plates. Lots of folks use tuning plates and like them. I have a Horizon type convection plate in my offset and I love it. My CC is 48" and the temps are within 5* from end to end. Top to bottom is dead on. Good luck and keep posting pics.
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Thank you! And I've been leaning towards tuning plates thanks for the input. I've heard allot of good things about them and they wouldn't be very hard at all to implement into my build. I'm just getting excited it's all taking shape I can smell the smoke already lol

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Insulated the firebox using two inch roxul mineral wool  insulation. 


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Looks good will be watching as I have a second project in the wind
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I like what you did there with the insulation. That is a nice touch.


How thick is the barrel?

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Everything is 3/16 steel
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IMO, 3/16" is the perfect wall thickness. It is strong enough to provide it's own structural integrity, yet light enough to afford and work with.
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