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Level, stack side high, low?

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Curious what everyones opinion is on this. You keep your smoker level? I typically roll mine outta my garage and use it on driveway which places the firebox end a very small bit downhill from the other end. Put a level on top of it to see how much and was pretty minimal. Typically when I'm done and going to steamclean I'll swing the smoker around the other way so the slant is facing tword the drain. Curious what you all think..... Oh yeah this is on a 60.

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Keep the nose side, the side away from the firebox about half a bubble higher, helps keep even temps

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I recently took delivery of a 36 patio model. I asked the man who delivered to me (who works for Lang) some questions including should i have firebox end a little lower than the other end, and he said the patio model was designed to be cooked level. I used it level and it did  keep pretty even temps for me. It is probably different for the bigger trailer models though.


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