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New to smoking! Need help!

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Good morning everyone! I wanted to get some input on the best affordable long probe thermometer to buy! I have a 22" webber kettle. Thanks in advance!!
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I have a Mav 733 and it works great.

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I second the maverick! Reliable, accurate, and makes you a better cook!
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The maverick 733 is the way to go if you want a wireless probe thermometer. They are on amazon for around $80 last time i looked. if you want something cheaper that works well, you can get a thermometer with a long probe that folds and instant read for like 25-30 bucks on amazon. it means you will have to check your temps more regularly( thus lifting the lid etc.) but it is more affordable.


Hope that helps,

phatbac (Aaron) 

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Either the ET-732 or ET-733 will be fine. The 733 has a few more programmable options but I find I never use them. If you want to pay less then go for the 732 as it will do what you need. If you are happy to pay a little more then the 733 will be a good option too.


The 732 has a 1 x meat probe and 1 x cooking grate probe whereas the 733 has 2 x dual purpose probes. I cannot remember the last time I used a configuration that wasn't 1 x meat and 1 x cooking grate though. Mind you - if you cook a lot of Moose or Elk then the 733 does have a program for them both :biggrin:.

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