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Pork Butt

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Smoking at boneless pork butt soon and was wondering if there is any differences between a bone in and a boneless one? i'd  appreciate any advice!! Thanks!!

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I like bone-in. I believe it adds a little to the flavor, although some folks may argue about that.

When that bone slides right out, she's done.



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Most will tell you they like bone in better but a boneless one is still going to be good and that is what you have so smoke away!! I have done boneless ones and they still turn out great, get it to 205, pull it and enjoy!! As a matter of fact with a boneless butt you can cut the netting/string off, rub the whole thing down and then string it back up and you got more surface for your favorite rub for more flavor. Enjoy and be sure to let us know how you made out!

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I got two 5# boneless butts for $10 bucks so I thought,what the heck!! I've done a few bone in butts and loved them !! Thanks for the advice though!!
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