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Oh yea baby

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It's here.
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Oooooo pretty!!
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I got a non backlit blue one a couple of days ago.
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Can we touch it?



purty pwease... :rotflmao:

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Your going to love it, I do mine, sale item?? Mine was - I got one heck of a deal on mine. 


Wife keeps stealing it for her kitchen cookin. 



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Yea open box $85 shipped. 👍👍
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I got a blue one. Backlit,85$. Bought a case too. I can be a clutz sometimes. Thought it might help protect it. Keep it cleaner too. LOL
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I have a green non backlit one in the silicone case. It sounds silly but the thing really has changed my life. No guessing. No worries about raw chicken. No worries about dry chicken. No overcooked steaks. By the way my wife has said there are only two things she deems absolutely unforgivable. One is bringing Miracle Whip into the house. The other is overcooking a steak.
So I gues you could say my thermapen saved my marriage.
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Hope the pics came out. These are a few of the items that I got today, when I finally got to the house. I love gadgets.
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Dang it. Can't get pics to load.
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