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wrapping my pork

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I would like to marinate my pork butt in a dry rub over night, what is the best thing to wrap it in?

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I would just use saran wrap.

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Saran Wrap works best. Just food for thought there's really no reason to rub the shoulder the night before. I used to but now I just apply the rub while the BBQ warms up. Haven't been able to tell anything different.
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Yep I saran wrap mine, but I may have to try DS trick next time and see how it turns out.


Good luck and let us know how it comes out 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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I'm with Dirt, then again I usually forget to rub the night before but it turns out tasty still!
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The Dollar Tree has 5 pack boxes of 2 gallon bags for (obviously) a dollar a box. The 2 gallon size bag is great for marinading butts, roasts, and poultry. No cleanup, just toss the bag.
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Thanks for the tip, Siege!

As for prepping butts, I trim and rub mine the night before and wrap with cling film. The next day I apply more rub before putting it on the grill. I have done it all the same day, and I admit where wasn't a huge difference in taste. But, I like getting the meat prep and smoker prep out of the way, so on cooking day I don't have so much to do. Beside, a longer marinade has to be better (at least in one's mind).
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Plastic is Nonreactive a so a better choice.


On Rub the Night Before or not...It is like Spinkles on a Cupcake... It don't make a heck of a lot of difference on a Butt, but it's a nice touch if you think of it.


Now, Ribs are a whole other story! Rubs usually contain a fair amount of Salt and other flavors. The Ribs do benefit from the overnight Dry Brine action of the Rub, making them more Juicy, Tender and Flavorful...JJ 

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All of these answers have been so helpful! Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to help me out!

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I am all for applying the rub the night before, not for the flavor but for the time savings. At 4am the last thing I want to worry about is cleaning, trimming, and rubbing whatever I am about to smoke. When I do it the night before I can just sit on the couch drinking coffee while the smoker warms up. 

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Good point, bmad. I never thought of it quite like that. Couch and coffee vs. trim and rub...... I think I can make that decision fairly quick.
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