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Extend exhaust

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I feel I need more draft. If I put a 4 inch dia x 24 " extension on my 5050 will it help?
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I just use a piece of aluminum flexible dryer vent and slide it over my stack.  It raises the stack about 15".  Handy to have on those days will little or no breeze.  I slip it on and off as I feel I need too. 

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Cannot get your image to load.

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First of all I love your back light.  I bet you have no trouble at all seeing if the smoke if still flowing, from inside the house at night.


For such a short chamber, 24" tall X 4" Dia. chimney seems a little too much to me, but I'm no expert.  Not even close.


Look in the "Smoker Build" forum.  They can help you figure it out.


I just use a length of dryer vent that extends my stack about 12" -15" above the normal stack.  I slide it on and off as I feel I need to.

On really calm days, I'll stretch it out a bit more to help the draft.  Don't know if it helps or not, but it makes me think I am doing something anyways.  What I have works for me, but I don't have your 50/50.


Outside stack extension is laying on the left of smoker.  I just slip it onto the original stack.  It fits snug.

I always bend it in the same direction the wind is blowing so it doesn't blow back down the stack.

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It works for me on real cold and windy days
But I take it off in the spring. I say if it works do it.. BTW the thermometers on rig looks very familiar
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