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Camp Chef PG24S

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I ordered this particular unit after doing much research on the internet and think that I made a very good decision. The unit arrived Friday and I assembled it and it was a simple easy assembly. I finally got to try it out today on a meat loaf and may I say it was quite good not dry at all and the wife complemented that it was not dry. I followed the directions on first time use burning it in for 30 minutes prior to smoking in it and everything went just the way it was supposed to. The electronic controls were dead on not off by more than 10 degrees and I was very pleased and well satisfied with my purchase. If anyone is looking for a good deal on a wood pellet smoker go to this particular unit was $599 with free shipping and also a free cover for the unit and it comes with a stainless steel door for the smoker as well as for the hopper for pellets. The shipping was also good I ordered late Friday night and had the unit the next Friday, oh and the pellets are reasonable there as well. I am not a seasoned smoker and have a lot to learn but I think this unit will make the learning curve eaiser as well as fun.

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RB Sounds like you got a good deal and happy - thats way cool. How about some pics??


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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I will try to get some pics tomorrow, Lord willing and the creeks don't rise.

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Hey Rileybowler...congrats on the new pit!  Looking forward to seeing your pics.  Thumbs Up


Have fun and happy smoking!



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