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I'm building a Reverse flow smoker from a vertical 120 gallon propane tank.


The dimensions are 30" diameter and 48" long cooking chamber.


Here is the link I'm referencing for the calculator specs I have entered:

[url=,48,0,0,0,0,33912.00,11304.00&fb=24,24,24,0,0,13824.00,11304.00,122.3&ch=5,691.20,35.22&fi=12,4,0,41.47,0.86&fc=11.87,16.78,110.59]Link to BBQ Pit Calculator[/url]


I'm a little confused on the firebox to cooking chamber opening.


Firebox dimensions I built already are 24" x 24" x 24"


I cut a hole that is 24" wide and about 6" up from the bottom, is that going to cut it? I've uploaded an image to illustrate.