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Originally Posted by gpb11 View Post

I know I can't say for sure.  


When you're done you may be able to see the grain direction from under the fat as you take the point off, or just try a slice from one of the corners of the flat and see what you get.  The flat will tell you the grain direction, just more a matter of it being easier to mark it while it's raw.  :)  

Chalk that up as a rookie reading so much stuff on how to do it and the last thing i read(came in jeff's email) I forgot to do.


Update on above post, it is starting to form a little bark but not much. Just hope it turns out good. The best thing I got going for me is most coming to the cookout probably never had a good brisket

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You'll be fine.  As you note, many here are tweaking differences between great brisket.  It's quite likely yours is still going to be way better than any of your invitees have had elsewhere.  

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Didnt get any pictures since I was so busy with guest but turned out ok. No bark a nice little smoke ring and the tenderness was really good and I got the cut against the grain spot on. A little salty for me(will cut down on salt for rub next time) but most of my guest said it was really good and only got about 3 little pieces of meat left, lucky if I can get a good sandwich out of it. This brisket really had me worried. It stalled at about 155 around 7am. I didnt get my IT to 200 until 4pm. But it was tender and I wrapped it and put in cooler for about an hour



Thanks for all the advice.

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