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Need some help please

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Just started smoking meat last week, I bought a Master Chef vertical smoker from Canadian Tire, my problem is controlling the temperature, it is way to hot, up to 350 degrees, the smoker has only one damper at the back, should I open it all the way?  I'm at the point where I have to prop the smoker door open a little, can I drill more holes in the smoker?

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I do not know your smoker, is it a stick burner or propane?  More air on fire means more heat

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it is a propane smoker

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I would open the damper all the way then. Make sure the knob on smoker is lowest it can be.

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As I said it is a propane smoker with a wood chip pan, I used wood pellets this time and produced lots of smoke, maybe I used to many wood pellets also added a few wood chips

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You want ninja smoke, smoke that can barely be seen.  If you have heave white smoke the you have way to much.  

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