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Crisping wings on my ECB..

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Hey all, I came across a heck of a deal on some whole chicken wings at our local Kroger.
I'm an extreme, EXTREME hot wings fan! (Just ask my wife.) I'm gonna put these wings on my vertical propane smoker @225°-250° for about 2 hours or so. I like the skin edible and I've not had the best luck with chicken wing skin out of the smoker. I see that you can put them on a grill for a few to help get the skin up to par.
I also have a Brinkmann Gourmet and I'm wondering that, if I put a grate directly above the heating element (without the midsection of the cooker), will that be good enough to crisp up the skin on my wings?
It's direct heat and I ant see how it would be much different that throwing them on a charcoal grill.
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:biggrin:Mcgee I would use the Brinkman , hot direct = crispy . biggrin.gif
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Hot smoke those wings 400-425! It's the only way. At the temps you mention you'll only get rubber, unless you finish them on a HOT grill or deep fry, or otherwise.
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Yup, run wide open.
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I went 250° for 2 hours and about 10 minutes on the ECB. I've not tossed them in the sauce yet so I'm not sure how they've turned out. I have some choos on for the Mrs. And I'm waiting to eat. I hope it doesn't come out rubbery...
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They did NOT end up crispy. As they were on the ECB, I could hear them sizzling. Should've left them on there a it longer than 10 minutes I think. I'll know next time.
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