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if you are near a polish or german community, cabbage slicers like you post were pretty standard, though nowadays most people use machines. as a kid i had crocks of kraut all around the place. as you said, you have to be careful or you bleed... a lot.


i just use a heavy duty cuisinart food processor to slice up cabbage. works well, quick, and easy (and I haven't found a way to cut myself with one yet).

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Update: I just received the ceramic chef's knife. It'll shave my arm right out of the box and has the feel of a real nice tool. I think I'm going to enjoy using it. Also just got a pair of cut resistant gloves. Put a carrot in the glove and slammed it hard into the blade of the antique slaw board. No damage to the glove, pretty good dent in the carrot. So I feel pretty good about going that route again. And the Dinky-Di peeler is on the way from Australia. 




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