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First tri tip finally!!! Q-view

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Went to hyvee to get groceries plus they had pork butt on sale for 88 cents per lb. The guy at the counter said they sold out in about 3 minutes but I quit listening to him when I spotted the tri tip. It was $5.99/lb but I didn't care. I bought 2 of them to give a try this home and ones not gonna make it to the weekend. I pulled out the UDS and got it to 230 with a hickory chunk on top. I rubbed the tri tip with Worchestershire sauce and Montreal seasoning (since it seems to be popular). It just came off at 130 and wrapped in foil waiting on the counter. Want to rest 30 min but don't know if I'll wait 20 more min hah.

Fresh out of the paper.

Rubbed down.

Sliced pics to come.

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Make sure to cut against the grain!
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I'd kill for $5.99 a pound! It's $8.99-$12.99 here. As mentioned cut across the grain and don't over cook!

I like to run my smoker low 180, take the tip to 125, then sear over high heat to finish.

50/50 Cherry pecan mix is a good combo for beef.
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Too late for reverse sear haha! I marked the grain before cooking and hit it pretty square when cutting.

Perfect doneness! Turned out awesome especially for the first go! Only took an hour so I will try to smoke at 200 or so next time.

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