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Need help 911! Holding butt ... done WAY to early !!

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big doings ,Wednesday   morning 10am to 3pm , 30 butts... for a hoard miners and truckers (been doing it 10 years)   I have to be at the place at 8am and i'm a hours drive away ...I do my butts on 5 wsm's    and  they get done at 4/530m the wrap     and place in cooler and rap as need             well it was 55 this morning  and I got them going at noon ...the sun came out and the wind died it 85 degrees here I sort an load by size      by size ... well my 5 small butts are  done 7.5 hrs at 250  an some of the others are coming up fast ,  it looks like I will  up late instead  of early  never have I been in such a pickle ...they aint all going to be done at the same time but a lot of them WILL be done before midnite ..I pull from the Q at 192 wrapin foil with apple juice, 1/2 stick of butter and a wad of brown sugar..then in to the 100 qt cooler hem at .ANY BODY HOLD  their meat for a LONG time???? !!!

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The most I have held is 8 hours in a good cooler with towels and all. When I pulled them they were still at 165 IT.
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If you have access to an oven or slow cooker at any point you can stick them in that at low heat with some apple juice and a little vinegar and it will stay warm enough not to make people sick. I would keep an eye on it though.


Good Luck,

phatbac (Aaron)

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The cooleer works well , you might try heating the cooler with boiling water to extend the heating of the cooler . The meat will continue cooking some , but problem , Butts are forgiving .
When arrived , place in Crock pots. Even if they doo cool abit , they will still keep for se eral more hours.

Have fun and . . .
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All went well, not much difference than my regular cooler full , an packed up ....the last butt hit the serving tray at 2pm was 147 degs !
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