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Smoked Salmon Lox

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Just ran out of my smoked lox so I did a few more Salmon tails today. 27 hour process of dry brine for 8 hours, wet brine for 8 hours, refresh for 1/2 hour. Fridge dry for 5 hours, room dry for 3 hours then finally cold smoke for 3 hours.

Dry brine: .....Well it started out dry with dk br sugar and kosher salt. This is 8 hours later

Coming out of the dry brine, getting rinsed well and heading for a wet bath for another 8 hours

Wet brine in a bath of water, salt, br sugar, maple syrup, whole black pepper corn, garlic, dry dill

Into the smoker for 3 hours of cold smoke

Toot Toot!! My gasser with no heat. AMNTS sittlng underneath the burner with Alder and Apple pellets.

Finished product resting

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Looks tasty!
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Finally was able to download the last two pics of finished product.  Vacuumed up and into the freezer for future treats.

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Nice looking cold smoked salmon.

I noticed the slits in the skin...I assume for better brine penetration.

I have a bunch of sockeye fillets in the freezer waiting for some colder weather. The whole fillets seem smaller than your tails. -(:.
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Yes, the slits through the skin help big time.   These tails are of King (Chinook) Salmon which is what we fish for right outside San Francisco.  Going again, next week.

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  Looks my t fine.  What temp were you doing the cold smoke at?

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Morning around 60ish degrees.  Had some frozen plastic bottles of water on standby in case the air temp started to climb, but it behaved.

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Thanks for the tip on the frozen bottles. 

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