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A little help please!

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This is my off set. My question is, what are some tips on how to maintain a steady temperature? I seem to have a issue maintaining 250 275 on up. 200-230 I don't have a issue with. Oh and I'm using briquettes and lump charcoal
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I use a Longhorn , on long smokes I use the Minion method. If you have a decent seal then it is just playing with the vents. When I get my temp I like to keep the smoke box vent almost closed and use the Chimney vent to control the temp.

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If you have good seals you will decrease the temp. Issue 😁

Have fun and . . .
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If you have not already, add the Mods for Horizontal Offsets. The mod to bring the exhaust to grate level is critical, a Baffle helps too. Without these the bulk of the heat can travel along the top of the smoker and out the stack. The meat never sees it and a therm at meat level will seem low compared to the fire you got...JJ

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Good point I dropped my chimney down to grate level  and while its not a true baffle put a 12" piece of steel to even the temp from front to back. I can keep it within 15 degrees .with  all this said you can have a leaky smoker with wild temp variations but when you get to know your smoker you can turn out really good Q !!!

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Thanks for all the tips guys.
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