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overheating in my new smoker

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I just purchased a Masterbuilt smoker and have a load of salmon in that I want to smoke at 200 degrees.


at the lowest setting the temperature shoots up past 350.  I want to smoke my fish not fry it!


Does anyone have any suggestions please!

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Do you have a waterpan or some other heat diffuser?

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Vicki is it a gas or electric smoker?

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You probably need a low pressure regulator for the tank and a needle valve to adjust the propane flow lower.... ALSO, drilling holes around the top of the side walls and the bottom of the side walls, using a step drill, helps the air flow.... I recommend 8 - 3/4-1" holes around the top and 4-3/4-1" holes around the bottom for starters....

From the factory, they are a poorly designed smoker.... There are mods listed on this forum.... try the search bar at the top of the page .... try "Masterbuilt propane mods" as a search term.... then expand from there.... on this link...
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I had high temperature issues in my new CharBroil verticle smoker. I followed the advice of many here & added a needle valve to control the propane flow & the burner flame. Made all the difference in the world!
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Dave's above comments are dead on.  There are lots of discussions regarding doing the needle valve mod, etc.

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