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Temperature and Time

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Hey y'all! I am going through a cookbook and I see many of the recipes call for a smoker temp of 300 to 350 degrees. My smoker only goes to 275 so how do I compensate the time appropriately without affecting the end results??? 

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Hi Lenny ! Check the search feature here for the same type food items, and you will probably find a more reasonable temperature. My guess would be that the cookbook is an older one. Remember how grandma use to cook meat ? Brown all the way through ?
The most important smoking accessory I have is a remote thermometer. With the probe inserted in the thickest part of the meat, you can tell when it is done, and safe to eat. Using temperatures your smoker ( and ours ) can reach, the cooking time will be longer, but the quality will probably be better.
Low and slow is the way to go.
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There is no set answer or chart to follow. As Siege pointed out, you have a great source here. Seach for what you want to smoke and you will find 95% of the recipes are smoked in the 225 to 275°F range. Yes there are guys that cook at higher temp, mostly them Gassers and Stick Burning guys. But as a whole we are all about Low and Slow...More time to relax, drink Beer cheers.gif and let Momma watch the Kids.:wife:...JJ:biggrin:

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