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BB X 2

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Hi Folks!


I did a Boston Butt, and a rack of Baby Backs today!  Butt went on at midnight with Jeff's rub at 225°, Baby Backs wet on at 10:30 this morning with Jeff's rub.  Smoker was between 225 and 250 for over 14 hours!  I pulled the butt at 205 IT after 14 hours of smoking. 


Wrapped it in foil and towels and put it in a cooler for 1.5 hours.


Pulled Baby backs and sauced after 4.5 hours of cooking at 250°. Back on the WSM for 30 minutes.


Unwrapped the butt and it was incredible!  Juices just flowing out gloriously!



I pulled the bone out and the butt just fell apart!



Chopped/pulled, it is awesome!



Took the ribs off and wrapped until ready to slice.



Sliced em up and ready to eat!



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Oh man


That's going to be some FINE eating.



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Nice Smoke!
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Thanks Gary and Case!


It was very tasty.



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