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If I'm gonna have a drum sandblasted inside and out do I still need to burn it out first? Gettin a drum with removable lid it's a grease barrel and it has a removable plastic liner in it. When the barrel is empty just pull the liner out and you have a clean barrel. The barrel it's self is not lined no paint inside
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If it's not lined on the inside there's no need to sand blast the inside. You will want to remove the paint on the outside since it's not high temp paint and will come off when you use your smoker.

Since you are sand blading there is no need to burn out the drum. Repaint the exterior with high temp paint or have it powder coated with high temp powder coating. Then start using your smoker. Some spray the inside with veggie oil prior to the first use. I didn't on mine I just started cooking. Works just fine.
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