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Two butts

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So I'm doing two 10 lbs butts on my BGE for an event tomorrow. I'm feeding 20 guys and who will be drinking so they will be hungry. I'm using Jeffs rub because it delicious and my own sauce. Wood is going to be Hickory chunks and lots of apple chips.

The event starts Saturday at 6pm est and I'm looking to have these butts on the smoker no later than 1am. I'm figuring a finish time of noonish give or take.

When they're done I plan on doing my normal 1 - 2 hr rest wrapped in towels then pull. I'm going to keep the meat in foil pans and reheat in the oven when I get to the event. I figure 225F is a good reheat temp?

Does anyone see any problem with this plan?

I'll post pics as I go tonight.

Thanks and wish me luck. I've never done 2 big shoulders like this at once.

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Getting ready to go on the BGE.

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So how did they turn out?  Saw one of those green eggs at Ace Hardware the other day, had no idea they were over a $1000, so how is it smoking on one of them?

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Yeah how were the results???  Q View???

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Oh and foil or no foil?

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