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Anybody using this Traeger?

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   This ones for sale near me for $325 U.S. It's a long drive just to go and look at it so I came here first..!!

What model is it?



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That looks to be the Lil Tex model, which I think is now I don't know if that's a good price or not.  Traeger has now upgraded that model to the Lil Tex Elite (MSRP $699) and Lil Tex Pro (MSRP $799).  I'm not a Traeger man myself, so I can't tell you much about the differences in these models.  I only really know what I hear and read...very mixed reviews on the quality and construction. 


Hope that helps...if you decide to pick this unit up, be sure to let us know your thoughts!  Thumbs Up



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Thanks..I've heard they can be troublesome. The owner got back to me and said it's a Lil Tex Pro.

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I wouldn't get a Traeger based on the quality issues that I've read about (just my opinion), but if you want a new model instead, check out Costco (if there is one nearby and you are a member).

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I have the lil texas elite. I think it's a very good "starter" pellet smoker.  That picture looks like there is not a digital temp controller on it, so you would be limited in temp control, unless you upgrade it.


If you are an expirienced smoker, especially pellet smoking, you will not be happy with this smoker!


Also, if you do buy it, you may as well keep an ignitor rod on hand. I'm on my 4th ignitor rod in 5 summers.


Just for a point of reference, the Traeger was my first smoker. When I replace it, I will spring the extra money for something better, more than likely the Yoder 640.

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    Thanks guys..I'll pass on this smoker..!! I'm happy with what I have but thought that if this was a killer deal

I would go for it.  I'll spend the money on "Meat"..:drool

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