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Glad to find this forum

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my name is Paul and I'm located in Edmond, Oklahoma. I work in vocational rehabilitation and am 63 years old, ham radio is one of my hobbies, and I also love to go hang out at lake Texoma  I've been using smokers for a long time off and on but never knew there was an online forum about smoking meat. I decided to get back into smoking meat on a much more regular basis recently and found that my old Landmann Smoky Mountain 3605BGD had burner issues so I started online searching for a burner to replace the worn out original - that's how I found this website. I've already learned a lot just from browsing through interesting sounding threads. We like to have family get-togethers at my house so my desire to get back into backyard cooking has been re-ignited. Hoping to retire in the near future so hopefully I can get really good at smoking meats while trying new recipes. I look forward to learning a lot more from this great forum. I'll be working my way through the 5 day e course and experimenting with my smoker. I did replace the burner and it's back up and running now thanks to Ed at

Thanks for the very quick welcome message from TulsaJeff.

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Hi Paul!! Welcome to SMF!! My grandpa was a ham operator for years before he passed away. He talked to people all over the world!

I think you're gonna like it here! Any questions you might have, these guys know the answer! Hope to see you around!

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Thanks Patti,

ham radio is a fun hobby and I'm glad you know about it.

I've learned quite bit just from searching different topics here and reading.

I appreciate the welcome message.....later, paul

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Hey Harley,


   Welcome to the smokingmeatforum!!


I'm a newbie myself & a ham radio operator, got my ticket back in 1978, so I belong to the QCWA.....


I wonder if there are any other Smokin' ham ops out there?


You will find alot of great info here, and everybody seems friendly & willing to give a helping hand to make your

smoking experience an enjoyable ride....


I just got done smokin up  some 2 1/2" Rib Eye Steaks- best food experience of my life!!!!  I will show some pics

& report on a different thread. I ate too much meat tonite!!!!


73 Jim  N2GHD

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Hi Jim,

thanks for the message. I've got to learn more about that rib eye deal. I've thought about smoking some, but never tried. Bone in rib eyes are definitely my favorite steak.

Great to me you.



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